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Jensen Model # 55 Steam Engine

Our Twin Cylinder
Jensen Steam Engine
Model # 55
Brass & Cast Iron Engine
12" x 14" x 10"
Weight : 13 lbs.


Price: (U.S.D.)



$ 585.95
Plus Shipping





Our #55 Twin engine series is the result of an ambitious design and engineering project undertaken by Mr. Jensen in 1948. The complicated slide valve timing was solved, providing a power stroke every 1/4 turn of the flywheel, thus making the #55 self-starting with a very high RPM. The # 55 Twin Cylinder Steam Engine is a serious engine for the serious collector who demands the very best at an affordable investment. Also, be sure to see our 55-G power plant.

Includes the following special features:

  Our Large Capacity Solid Brass Boiler
  Exclusive Hotwatt 110V. 660 watt Immersion      Heater
  Massive Cast Iron Engine Base and Axle Journals
  Precision Throttle Control
  Forward - Neutral - Reverse Lever
  Heavy Cast Iron Flywheel with PTO "V" grooves
  Water Level Gauge
  Brass Steam Whistle

  Precision Throttle Control
  Forward - Neutral - Reverse Lever
  Brass "Pop" valve High Torque Engine with
  Double Acting Twin Cylinders and Slide Valves
  1/2" Bore x 5/8" Stroke
  Five (5) available PTO Pulley Access Points,
    Including the Distinctive Jensen Flywheel

Beautifully Finished  Wood Base

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