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Jensen Model # 55-G
Mini Steam Engine Power Plant


Our Twin Cylinder
Jensen Model # 55-G
Mini Steam Engine Power Plant
Brass & Cast Iron Engine
12" x 14" x 10"
Weight : 13 lbs.


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Our #55-G Twin Cylinder  Power Plant is a testament to the design genius undertaken by Tom, Sr. in 1948. The # 55-G Twin Cylinder Steam Engine Power Plant is a serious engine for the serious collector who demands the very best at an affordable price. Each of these engines is hand assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

Includes the following special features:

  Our Large Capacity Solid Brass Boiler
Exclusive Hotwatt 110V. 660 watt Immersion Heater
Massive Cast Iron Engine Base and Axle Journals
Heavy Cast Iron Flywheel with PTO "V" grooves
  Precision Throttle Control
  Forward - Neutral - Reverse Lever
  Reversible with Multiple PTO's
  Model 15, 3V AC output Generator and Lamp Post

   Water Level Gauge
   Brass "Pop" valve
  Brass Steam Whistle
   High Torque Engine with
    Double Acting Cylinder and Slide Valve
   1/2" Bore x 5/8" Stroke
   Beautifully Finished  Wood Base

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