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Jensen Model # 95-G
Mini Steam Turbine Power Plant


Our New Model # 95G
Steam Turbine Mini Power Plant
12" x 14" x 10"
Weight : 7 lbs.





$ 772.95 (U.S.D.)



On Back Order



Our Jensen  #95-G Steam Turbine Mini Power Plant is a high precision instrument, This is an all metal marvel that easily powers our well known model 15 generator and lamp post, making it the Worlds Smallest Steam Turbine Driven A.C. Power Plant. This unique Jensen offering is an excellent addition to any steam collection, and the perfect teaching aid for engaging student interest. The model # 95G Steam Turbine Mini Power Plant is also the ulitmate Demonstrati Display for Power Plant Operators, Energy Industry Trade Shows and Power Utility Visitors Centers.


° 3 inch Brass and Nickle Boiler with Whistle
and Throttle Valve
° All Metal Turbine Construction consisting of
Aluminum and Brass
10 :1 All Brass Gear Reduction Transmission
° One piece 2 1/2 inch diameter High Velocity
Impulse Turbine Rotor
Six (6) High Precision Low Friction Bearings

° Jensen's Signature Model 15 A.C. Electric
Generator and Lamp Post
°  Four (4) available PTO Pulley Access Points,
Including the Distinctive Jensen Flywheel
° Jensen's New 660 Watt "HotWatt™"
Immersion Heater for Faster Steam Production
° Beautifully Finished  Wood Base

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